Cakeboy |kakboi| (n.)
A disco-dancing
Oscar Wilde-reading
Streisand ticket-holding
friend of Dorothy


We're funded! Cakeboy 02 will be shipping this fall.

By Sean Santiago

Queers (and my mom), rejoice: Cakeboy magazine is officially funded! Issue 02 will be twice as thick and perfect bound with more content from more contributors.

We raised $5,000 to cover the cost of printing 400 copies and to offset some of the associated costs of production, like film processing and studio rentals. The issue will of course be supplemented by digital content that expands Cakeboy's vision and voice, allowing for multifaceted portraits of contributors and subjects through video, events, and social media.

Long story short: We're pretty awesome and you should subscribe to our newsletter. And watch our Kickstarter video, below, to learn more about Cakeboy!


Sean Santiago, Editor


Jill Lindsey