Cakeboy |kakboi| (n.)
A disco-dancing
Oscar Wilde-reading
Streisand ticket-holding
friend of Dorothy


Yes, your man Christian is a cake boy. No, this isn't a Clueless fanzine.

By Sean Santiago

Cakeboy is a queer platform for discussing masculinity, community and identity through fashion, art, design and culture. The stories are political, global, and personal, allowing for complexities and complications, necessitating lots and lots of commas.

Issue 01, available now, features interviews with performance artist and designer Santiago Venegas and disillusioned dream boat Derek Blair Cooper as well as a portfolio on neoprene (the new latex!) and a poem by the prolific Max Steele.

Each issue is supplemented by digital content that expands the brand's vision and voice, allowing for multifaceted portraits of contributors and subjects through video, events, and social media. Long story short: We're pretty awesome and you should subscribe to our newsletter.


Sean Santiago, Editor


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