Handsome English Gardener Keeps Things Loose


The gardener Charlie McCormick lives with his husband, decorator Ben Pentreath, in Dorset, England. The couple wed in an intimate ceremony in January of 2015, followed by a large wedding party that summer that featured drinks and a pair of camels. McCormick tends to an herbaceous garden where something is always in flower (though grasses are less welcome). “It is very dense and romantic planting, if not slightly wild—I don’t mind things growing on top of each other,” he says. Words Sean Santiago. Photographed by Charlie McCormick. A version of this story, "Sprung," appears in our third issue.


"Ben had grown a little tired of the garden before we got married," admits McCormick, who decided on rows of vegetables mixed in with cut flowers. "The border is a little bonkers...I just love layers upon layers."

I always run my ideas past Ben, especially the major landscaping works. But most of the time I just get on with it and do it. If it doesn’t work I just change it.