How One Photographer’s New Travel Series Makes Subs Of Us All


A twunk in repose; natural light filtered through gauzy drapes; an artful explosion of jizz: Mickey Aloisio’s series, From Europe, With Love, deftly subverts these exhausted conventions of queer photography (and more) with wit and studied grace. A graduate of FIT, Aloisio spent the spring of 2018 traveling throughout Europe taking portraits that feel decidedly strange. Intimate yet alien, the work is about navigating space as much as desire: the space we take up, the space we relinquish, our interiority made softly external. “What I look for is honesty in this kind of false reality that we’ve constructed,” says Aloisio, a documentarian by nature whose work has become more conceptual over the years.


“I’m very demanding, in a way, of access,” he says. “We construct these scenes in a matter of five or ten minutes, or maybe an hour, however long it takes. A lot of what I’m doing is this back-and-forth with this person—will they accept me? Will they do this if I ask them to? We’re pushing each other’s boundaries; we’re doing a lot of giving, we’re doing a lot of taking.”

From Europe, With Love interrogates our desires by refusing to address them. We are implicated in the subtextual negotiation of interests and wants—the photographer, his subject, the camera, the viewer—uncertain if they’ll find a middle ground, or if there even is one.


Mickey Aloisio’s ‘Trips’ opens at the Leslie-Lohman Project Space (127-B Prince Street, New York) on December 14, 2018.